Friday, March 11, 2011

My Dog Pete

Given the horrific earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan yesterday, I want to start this entry by expressing my heartfelt sympathy for all those touched by this disaster.  As a friend of mine wrote me today, it reminds us of how precarious our existence on this small blue and green marble can be.

Speaking of friends, I want to introduce you to my dog, Pete.  As is common in this part of the country, we have many dogs - 5 to be exact.  Some are serious dogs - those are the guard dogs that live with the sheep, and some are not so serious - that would be our Basset Hound with the Napoleon complex. And now we have added Pete.  Pete is a Border Collie and I am starting to think that he is the smartest dog in the world.  I hate to admit this, but Pete was an impulse purchase I found in a bin outside of Wilco right before Christmas.  If I am honest, it was actually our daughter Maya who pestered me into looking into the bin as only a teenaged daughter can do.  So I looked in, and there was Pete.  Actually, there were 5 wriggling Border Collie puppies, but we noticed Pete right away because of his calm manners.  And this means a lot because Border Collies are not known for being calm.  Here is a photo of Pete right after we brought him home.   
He has grown quite a bit and we are enjoying working with him as he is very receptive to learning new commands.  He knows how to sit, how to stay, how to drop a ball and how to hop onto a dining room chair....If given the chance, he loves to run outside and play with the other dogs in the barn.  Now he has stretched out and looks like a gangly teenager.

Late this summer, he will go to Border Collie boot camp and learn how to help me load and unload lambs from the stock trailer. This will hopefully allow me to stop swearing like a sailor when it comes time to bring the lambs to the butcher.  But until then, we are really having a fun time with our dog Pete.  He doesn't realize that he looks quite ridiculous with pink spots over his nostrils, but we won't tell him.

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