Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Grass is Growing!

After a slow start to Spring, we are finally reaping the rewards of all that rain - plenty of grass!  My younger daughter, Maya, and I went out into the pastures the other day to work on our portable fencing and this is what we saw:

The application of lime last winter has had a dramatic effect on the health of the sward.  Maya even found a 4 leafed clover - who couldn't use a little luck, now and then?

The lambs are growing rapidly.  Some are going on 5 months old and will soon weigh over 100 lbs.  Next week we'll be weaning - that means a lot of complaining from the flock, but it helps the moms recover and get a little peace and quiet (don't we all know that feeling!)  At this point, the older lambs are so large that when they dive under their mother to nurse, they can actually lift her back end off of the ground.  I'll be taking some of my top natural colored animals to the sheep and wool show in Estes Park, CO in early June - my first sheep related road trip that involves multiple days of travel.  Here is the flock waiting to come in for the night:

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