Saturday, September 8, 2012

Petunia the Pig

Every farmer that I know has a pet here or there, stashed somewhere in the barnyard.  A creature that we hold near and dear to our heart.  Petunia the pig is just such an animal for me.  She is smart, opinionated and curvaceous.  Many of us know that pigs are smart - I would guess that Petunia is smarter than 4 of my 5 dogs, the Border Collie being the exception.  But did you know that pigs talk quite a bit?  They are very vocal and it's easy to tell whether Petunia is excited (loud grunts and squeals), upset (shrill squealing) or happy (quiet grunts.)  Here Petunia is telling me that it is time for a tummy rub:
She loves her tummy rubs!  The only thing that will divert Petunia from a massage is the promise of food, because being a pig, she needs to maintain her streamlined figure.  My pig also has lovely dark brown eyes and the best snout in the barnyard.

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  1. We have been pondering getting a pig. Petunia is quite a sweet looking one!